The Tutti Polka

By: Tom Torriglia ©1999

Pierce-Beach Music, BMI



She comes from Liechtensteiner

That’s a town in Pennsylvania

Her friends call her Helena

But, Julyda is her name

She works down at the brewery

She’s rolling out the barrels

She makes my heart go tick-tock

When she plays the clarinet

She plays my favorite polkas

I can name them all

She plays them every day and night

Through Winter, Spring and Fall

The best one is the Tutti

She can play it hot

Just because she has

What no one else has got

Instrumental (A-E)





She doesn’t give a hoop-dee-doo

For swing or rock and roll

I know that she’s too smart for me

And she’s never heard a waltz

She serves me beer from Heaven

With some pretzels and a brat

Yeah, she’s my little keeska

When she plays the clarinet

**chorus **

She loves to dance the schottische

With all the Legionnaires

She always keeps them laughing

As they march to victory

She's like a ballerina

Always stepping high

She's my little daisy

When she plays the clarinet.