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Welcome to my ever expanding catalogue of songs. All of the songs were written by Tom Torriglia, BMI. All of these songs are licensable. The songs are published through Pierce-Beach Music, BMI. All songs are copyrighted and registered with the Harry Fox agency. All of the songs are on the Festa Records' label. Some songs appear in more than one category. The songs with an asterisk next to them have not yet been mastered. At the bottom of the Italian-American section, you'll find alternative versions of the songs. At the bottom, you'll find the lyrics to all the songs listed.




Suggested Use

Holiday Party

Happy song for the whole family to sing

A holiday party

Accordion for Christmas

About the joy of receiving an accordion for Christmas

This song is good for any holiday TV commercial or movie dealing with gifts. Perfect as piped-in music in malls during the holidays. Radio single.

Christmastime in Milwaukee

Fun, upbeat polka. self explanatory

Beer commercial or anything to do with Milwaukee during the holidays. Radio single. Perfect as piped-in music in malls during the holidays.

Christmas Came Too Fast for Me

A song about exasperation

Great for a TV commercial where you want to  show an exasperated shopper in one store and maybe a happy shopper in another store. Radio single. Perfect as piped-in music in malls during the holidays.

Cadillac for Christmas

Traditional blues. self explanatory

This is a demo I did. The song is currently being recorded by

a real blues band. Obviously, this would be great for a Cadillac TV commercial.

Italian-American (with vocals)


Suggested Use

The Antipasto Song

Blue Italian Skies

Honeymoon Tarantella/Girl with the Curly Black Hair

The Cannoli Song

The Coffee Song

Gondolier's Lament

Bo Diddley beat. Total rocker about antipasto

First-ballot Grammy nominated love song

Slow bouncy

Traditional tarantella segue-ing into bouncy pop song

Bouncy pop song about the queen of cannoli. Could be a woman singing about the king of cannoli.

About different types of Italian coffee drinks

An exasperated gondolier



Mambo Magic


My Italian Gigolo

My Roman Holiday

Monica From Monaco

Louis Prima-ish about a girl named Isabella

First ballot
nominated song. latino-rhythm-inspired dance craze

Latin bounce

About a woman who rebuffs a Marcello

A woman laments about her love with a gigolo.

Woman sings about her love in Rome.

A man sings about his jet-set girlfriend.

The Pasta Song

The Pesto Song

The Pizza Guy

The Ravenna Song

The Salsicce Song



The Whispering Tree

Roma Romp

*The Coffee Song

*My Italian Gigolo

*Mambo Magic

*The Ravenna Song

*My Roman Holiday

*The Salsicce Song

*Alternative Versions

The Coffee Song

Salsicce Song

live video

Salsicce Song

Demo version from February 2, 2016

Salsicce Song

Accordion and vocal demo

Roman Holiday

live video

The Ravenna Song

(Quick tempo - demo youtube video)

The Pasta Song

blues-y instrumental

The Pasta Song

video from TV commercial

The Pasta Song

dirge-like instrumental

The Pasta Song

upbeat instrumental

Blue Italian Skies


*American Pop/Rock
Goodnight to You San Francisco

Goodnight to you, San Francisco

Goodnight to you, San Francisco


Christmastime in Milwaukee

Accordion for Christmas

Accordion Man Polka

Polka Jamboree

Tutti Polka

A blues-y song about different types of pasta.

A man's onsession with making great pesto.

A woman lusts after her pizzaiolo.

A lush song about this pretty city. A ballad

A man's questo to make the best sausage in the world for his wife.

A man pines for his love, Sophia Loren

A willowy song

A rousing polka

This would be great at a sports' game where people can stomp their feet and clap their hands

Smoky nightclub scene or for a TV commercial for pasta.  Perfect as piped-in music at an Italian restaurant chain

Suggested Use

Suggested Use

Anything to do with San Franciso. Three different versions.

Lyrics with guitar chords  

The Antipasto Song-G
Blue Italian Skies-F

The Cannoli Song-C

The Coffee Song-C
Goodnight to You San Francisco-C
Honeymoon Tarantella/Girl with the Curly Black Hair-C

Mambo Magic-Dm


Minestrone Song-C

Monica From Monaco-Gm

My Italian Gigolo-D

Pasta Song-Dm

Pizza Guy-G

The Ravenna Song-C
(On My) Roman Holiday-G
The Salsicce Song-Gm

Lyrics without guitar chords 

Accordion for Christmas

Accordion Man Polka 

Christmas Came too Fast for Me

Cadillac for Christmas

Holiday Party

In the City of St. Francis
Polka Jamboree
Rina and Danielle Polka

Tutti Polka

Too Smart Polka