Tom is in Italy today.


phone/sms: 011 39 389 924 5158 (Italy)
phone/sms: 001 415 440 0800 (San Francisco)

Tom Torriglia
and the Bella Ciao band


The finest Italian-American music in the world

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Since 2000, Tom has been perfoming the hottest Italian-American hits, including his Grammy-nominated songs Blue Italian Skies and Mambiambo; in a fun-filled, all-ages show that has everyone livin' la dolce vita. Tom's music is reminiscent of the playful songs made famous by Lou Monte, Dean Martin, Louis Prima and Renato Carosone.

The instrumentation for Tom's back-up band, Bella Ciao, includes bass, drums, guitar, mandolin, saxophone, female lead vocals. Tom and the Bella Ciao band are the only musicians in America to have played both the Italian National Anthem and American National Anthem at a major league baseball park! In 2007, Tom and Bella Ciao played the American National Anthem in front of a crowd of over 50,000 people. It was the night Barry Bonds broke the all-time home run record.