Tom Torriglia

Tom Torriglia (Tor-il-ya) is a multi-Grammy-nominated songwriter, musical entertainer and president of both Festa Records and Pierce-Beach Publishing.

Tom has been delighting audiences with his music since 1969. Tom primarily plays the accordion, but can also play piano, keyboards, bass and guitar.  Tom is currently backed by the Bella Ciao band and in the past, has performed in an oldies' band (Gold Lame'), wedding band (Stardust), 10-piece accordion band (Those Darn Accordions) and a traditional polka band  (The Squeegees).

Tom is the world's foremost composer of Italian-American music - a musical genre that he has been trying to re-invigorate over the past 15 years. He has recorded three albums (Legends of the Italian Lounge, Festivus Italiano and Antipasto Rock) that contain many new classic Italian-American songs.

Tom's The Pasta Song was re-recorded and used for three straight years in a Carrabba's Restaurant national TV commercial. Another one of his many food-related songs, The Cannoli Song, can be heard at the website of the Brooklyn Cannoli Company. Over the years, he has also written and recorded rock, pop, polka and even Christmas songs!

Tom came up with the idea and spearheaded the effort to make the accordion San Francisco's official musical instrument. The measure passed in 1990. Tom is the sponsor of National Accordion Awareness Month (NAAM) which is June. Tom's efforts in promoting the accordion have seen him featured in People Magazine, The New York Times, Chicago Tribune, San Francisco Chronicle and countless other newspapers both domestically and internationally; and TV stations/programs including ESPN, Good Morning America, NBC, CBS, CNN, etc.

On a non-musical note, Tom is a total grammar geek; adjunct professor of American English; business ESL instructor; author of the Nighttime, Good-Time Guide to San Francisco; founder of the National Association for Good Grammar (NAGG) and chief of the grammar police in San Francisco.

Tom was born February 8, 1953 in San Francisco and is of northern-Italian (Ligurian) descent. He holds dual citizenship with both the United States and Italy, currently lives in Lucca, and is a lung-cancer survivor.