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Antipasto Rock (tracks, below) 

Track (snippet)

Antipasto Rock

The Cannoli Song

The Coffee Song

Gondolier's Lament

Mambo Magic

My Italian Gigolo

My Roman Holiday

The Pesto Song

The Ravenna Song

Roma Romp

The Salsicce Song


Antipasto Rock-G

The Cannoli Song-C

The Coffee Song-C

Gondolier's Lament-D

Mambo Magic-Dm

My Italian Gigolo-D

My Roman Holiday-G

The Pesto Song-F

The Ravenna Song-C


The Salsicce Song-Gm


Bo-Diddleyish rocker about the different foods that you find at an antipasto party.

Dixielandish love song about a man and his award-winning, cannoli-making queen.

Jazzy piano-infused song about the joys of different types of Italian coffees.

Early '60s' sounding song about a gondolier who is tired from all the tourists.

A husband and wife dance the night away to an infectious rhythm.

A dramatic-sounding song about a woman's pining for her true love among the shadows.

An exuberant song about a woman who finds love in the eternal city.
A peppy song about the pride of Genova and one man's quest to make the best.

A romantic ballad about the city of mosaics.

A fun polka

A sausage maker expresses his love for his wife in this romatic song of love.